Sunday, October 29, 2006

Tell Me, What Are Husbands For?

Is it just me, or do husbands sometimes really miss the mark?
A friend and I were chatting last evening about husbands in general, and the differrences between men and women. Boy! We really are different.

Women, as we know, generally like to communicate emotionally. We may not come right out and say what it is we want, but we often elude to it, by do something meaningful.(By the way, this is not a good thing. We must learn to be direct, as well) A man is different. He usually is straight forward and blunt...sometimes too blunt! Half the time, they miss what we are saying to them anyway. So, what do we do? We must work on our communication skills.

My friend's husband wanted her to make a cuople of cakes for his business. She agreed. She took her time, and made a couple of pound cakes and bananna nut bread. Her husband says, he doesn't want the bananna bread, just the cake. Now, his wife being a great cake maker, says okay, but take some strawberries to go with the pound cake. Because it needed a fruit medley to go along with it. (She knows her cake, and knew she baked it a little too long). The husband: No, fruit don't go with that. The wife just smiles and says okay.

During this whole scenario, did the husband thank his wife...No. Did he thank her for the time she took out of her schedule...and their five kids, to say thanks? Nope. So, anywho...he takes it to his job, and for himself, a piece of the bananna nut bread. He comes home later, and says: Everyone loved your cake! They gave you great tips!... Now, do you think he left it there? Nope, he continues his conversation by saying: I thought it was a little dry! Could you believe that?! When she told me, I have to admit, I laughed. (we often laugh at our husbands...they are hilarious sometimes) It was so typical of him. She told him, that's why she wanted to give him the strawberries--to go with the pound cake! To which, he says: Oh...Do you have anymore bananna nut bread? She says, no. The kids ate it!

Now, in all this, my friend just wanted her husband to say thanks. Thank you, dear wife, for taking the time, and baking these cakes for me. I told her, he'd get the hint later....Before he left back out the house, she gave him the three pieces of bananna nut bread she saved for him. He just looked at her, put his head down and left. She called me back that evening...wanting to make me laugh...and she did! She said, when he got home, he told her..."Uh, the cake was really good. Can you make some more?" (His way of saying thank you)

I had to laugh! When are we going to learn that, women and men are just different? We really have to learn that key fact, and learn how to communicate effectively through our differences. Husbands and wives must come up with their own language. The marriage language. And, every marriage has it's own two are the same. This comes when we start to listen to one another, and learn our husband's and wive's communication style.

What are husbands for? I can think of a whole lot. And, I'm looking forward to researching every one of them!

Live to Love

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