Sunday, October 15, 2017


Reflections4Life October 15, 2017
“For I am convinced [and continue to be convinced—beyond any doubt] that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present and threatening, nor things to come, nor powers,  nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, will be able to separate us from the [unlimited] love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8:338-39
Scripture Contemplation: Joshua 15; Proverbs 25; Matthew 16; 2 Timothy 1; 1 Corinthians 15

Be Determined to Go All the Way. Whatever God has promised to bring forth in your life comes with a price…for the flesh. The flesh truly does war against the spirit and the enemy would like nothing more than to not only to destroy us, but to also make us give up, walk away, and stop believing in God Almighty; separating us from God not solely on the earth but for all eternity. That is his way of destroying us. Walking in Christ is not for the weak or faint of heart, who do not like confrontations or get their hands dirty. Nope. It takes a determined heart, mind, and soul, and one who truly believes in what God has spoken to their heart and soul not to surrender to the lies of the enemy.
I decree that this week’s Reflections will be a continued source of encouragement and inspiration for your heart, mind, and soul. Put the whole armor of God on, Beloved. For it is essential in your walk with the Lord. Allow God to show you His strategic plans for your life; how to overcome the attacks of the enemy. There is nothing, God will not do for you but you have to listen and have developed your intimate relationship with the Father to know His truths, His heart, and His plans for your life and how to defeat the enemy.
Beloved, please understand this today; I am not trying to be harsh or mean but to be stern in love and what is burning in my heart today concerning the promises of God for our lives. It is not about judgment but about what God desires to do in our lives, and the systematic plot and plan of the enemy to destroy us, by first attacking our minds and getting us to believe that we are not strong enough for this walk in Christ or strong enough against him.
The devil is a lie! We are strong enough. We are capable of overcoming the attacks of the enemy. We do not have to worry about defeating the enemy, either. Because the truth is (and the enemy knows this and wants us to forget) that the enemy has already been defeated when Christ died on the Cross, whooped the enemy’s tail, defeated death and the grave, rising on the third day, and giving us the power and authority to destroy the enemy and his plot and plan against our lives. (Matthew 16:19, Luke 10:19, Revelation 1:18)
There is nothing the enemy wants more is for us to forget that he has already lost and everything he is doing to come at us, is a strategic mental game to get us to give up. He wants us to walk away from the promises and protection of God so that he can pounce on us, destroy our lives and dreams and have us blame God, turning our belief into unbelief and our determination to see, pursue, and accomplish the promises of God in our lives, turn into bitterness, unbelief, and self-hate.
NOT TODAY, SATAN! I am calling the enemy’s bluff today! I am uncovering the truth, revealing his plot and plan against the children of God and encouraging every one of you today, tomorrow, and every day after, to stand your ground against the devil! Be strong and courageous! Be determined to go the distance. Put on the armor of God, suit up in prayer, and keep your mind stayed on Christ and go after what God says is yours! NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES!
God has already equipped us with everything we need to succeed. The keys to success, to seeing the promises of God fulfilled in our life, are not a secret. They are 1. Believing in what God has spoken to us, 2. Making up our mind and heart to do what God instructs, 3. Putting on the whole armor of God, 4. Consistent in Prayer and Meditation, 5. Declaring and decreeing what God says about us to the atmosphere, 6. Have faith at least the size of a mustard seed, and 7. Be determined never to give up but to keep pushing forward no matter how many times the enemy tries to stop you. Oh! Bonus, 8. If you fall, get the heck back up and try again!
Greater and stronger is God in us than the enemy that is in the world. The enemy wants us to look at the world and get scared, disappointed, and lose hope. But, if you have been diligent and disciplined in your relationship with the Heavenly Father, you will not see the world the way the world sees it or what the enemy says it is. No. You will see the biggest seedtime and harvest time of your life! For those who believe, this is your harvest time; to reap all that God has promised and ordained for your life while planting new seeds of hope and inspiration for others to harvest. If you know anything about farming, you do not take up the harvest without planting new seeds.
Beloveds, I am telling you now: we are in one of the greatest harvest and seedtimes ever! It is time to see the manifestation of long-awaited prayers and promises and time to plant seeds of love, inspiration, encouragement, and faith. But it won’t be without a spirit of determination.
We must have a spirit of determination. Because if there is one thing the enemy can do very well, is lie, manipulate, and cause confusion while putting forth a bunch of illusions. He is not above playing dirty and using fear, manipulation, and guilt to get what he wants. There has to be a determination to stay the course and to make certain we are maintaining an intimate walk with the Father, following all that He instructs us to do. We cannot give the enemy any room. If we do, he will wreak havoc and have us believe that God abandoned us in our time of need. When in fact, God is telling us, it’s only a test that we can and will pass if we faint not and continue to believe what He has spoken to our hearts.
My Beloveds, may the spirit of peace and prosperity finds permanent rest in your lives. I decree that every good thing that God has ordained for your life will become evident to you. Let your heart be filled with determination. Know that God is a promise keeper and has equipped each of us with a spirit of strength and courage to make it through all adversities and afflictions. We know this because He is in us. Where the spirit of the Lord resides, there is strength, healing, power, grace, and a never-ending abundance of love and mercy. Do not be fooled of letting go of the promises of God, but be determined, like Joshua and Caleb, to see the promises of God be fulfilled in your life and those you love! You are blessed. Now go…and be a blessing!
©2017. Ruthe McDonald. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

"Look Again...The Rain is Coming"

Reflections4Life October 8, 2017
“Look Again…The Rain is Coming.”
“The seventh time the servant reported, “A cloud as small as a man’s hand is rising from the sea.” So Elijah said, “Go and tell Ahab, ‘Hitch up your chariot and go down before the rain stops you.’” 1 Kings 18:44
Scripture Contemplation: Deuteronomy 28; 1 Kings 17; 18; Matthew 6; James 5…

©Ruthe McDonald.
I don’t know about you but I hear the rain coming. I hear the rain of abundance; the rain of restoration, the rain of health, and the rain of promises and blessings manifested. Though at first glance things may appear the same, I encourage you to look again. The rain is coming, the rain of God’s blessings and promises.
I decree that this week’s Reflections is a continued source of encouragement and inspiration for your heart, mind, and soul. If you have not already, I encourage you to set aside some intimate time for you and the heavenly Father. We have entered a new season spiritually and physically. God has much He wants you prepared for but you have to be in His presence; spent quality and intimate time with Him for You to hear and see what God is about to do. God is showing up in a big way, Beloveds. Be prepared.
I am certain, considering the fact that so many of us have witnessed and some personally have experienced the devastation of the past couple of months of several hurricanes; the last thing you want to think about or perhaps see is more rain. Yet, the rain that is coming now is a spiritual downpour that will alleviate the drought that many have been experiencing in their lives. Whether it has been a physical drought, an emotional and mental drought, a spiritual or financial drought; the rain—spiritual rain—is coming to alleviate the pain and discomfort of the years of drought that we have suffered in our lives.
Many have suffered many things in their lives—myself included—that has left us feeling parched and dry. It has felt as nothing in our lives is growing and that what we need has been sparse. There seems to never be enough and just when it looks like we are about to get relief, it is swept away and our wait for relief continues.
There has been a spiritual and physical drought and famine. It has claimed many a person’s faith; has stolen peace, joy, hope, and happiness. It has even robbed many of love. Droughts and famines are devastating. Blowing plumes of dust and dryness into every area of our lives until we barely recognize who we are or the dreams we once had.
Difficult times arise, and our faith is brittle at best. We feel older than we are, as though we have aged years overnight. The fear of never having enough or reaching our goals has taken up residence in many hearts. Visions have been lost and let go of, as some have given up and cannot see any light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.
There are some not even aware they have been in a drought, they are in a famine. They are not even aware they have been operating in yesterday’s anointing, under yesterday’s mercies and grace. “Yesterday” is referring to any amount of time in the past. The ones who have surrounded themselves with yes people, and who debunk anything that will contradict them and their words. These are the ones that have robbed and caused pain for many others; especially the children of God. They do not even realize that their time is up or that the lies they have spoken and the truth of their hearts are about to be revealed just as King Ahab and Jezebel and their false prophets were in 1 Kings 18.
For those that have believed, though it has been difficult and painful, and may have suffered great loss, and may be getting ready to give up at this very hour, God is telling us today, Beloved, to look again! Look in your heart, your spirit; there is rain coming; a powerful downpour that will alleviate the sting that the drought and famine have caused. Dreams and visions are being rebirthed; given new life.
If you have stood by the Lord’s side, held onto faith—though you may have stumbled or fallen a few times—you are about to see the fruit of your obedience and faith. There is relief coming. No matter what it looks like. No matter if it appears the same on the outside and the bill collectors keep calling; your bank account keeps being an overdraft, your utilities keep getting shut off; you haven’t had more than enough in years—there is an abundance of rain coming that is alleviating the pressure. It is bringing new life and strength and reversing the damages left by the drought and famine in our lives.
God is restoring, Beloveds, so look again! Hear with your spiritual ears, see with your spiritual eyes, receive the word of God in your heart, and stand on your faith. That rain is coming and your life will not be the same—in a good way! God is renewing and making new. He is restoring hope, faith, and joy. So go on and look again! Even if it has to be seven times or seventy-seven, until you, too, see that fist of a cloud in the sky and hear the sound of rain coming.
My Beloveds, may the spirit of peace and prosperity finds permanent rest in your lives. I decree that every good thing that God has ordained for your life will become evident to you. Your turnaround season is here! God is sending the rains that are ushering in a new life, new hope, new joy, new opportunities. Relief is here for those who have been devastated by drought and famine. The season of manifestations is upon us and God is showing up and letting us know that He is still King on His throne and in our lives. You are blessed. Now go…and be a blessing!

©2017. Ruthe McDonald. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, October 01, 2017

"Resurrected Dreams and Visions"

Reflections4Life October 1, 2017
“Resurrected Dreams and Visions”
“For as many as are the promises of God, in Christ, they are [all answered] “Yes.” So through Him we say our “Amen” to the glory of God.” 2 Corinthians 1:20 AMP
Scripture Contemplation: Numbers 11:34;19; Genesis 15; Joshua 21:45; Psalm 12:6; John 16
 ©Ruthe McDonald.

I declare that this week’s Reflections is a continued source of encouragement and inspiration for heart, mind, and soul. God is doing a great thing. Dreams and visions that you believed were long gone, forgotten about, and dead—God is resurrecting. Allow this week to find you get into a position and posture of prayer, receiving what God has ordained for your life. Get ready because God is moving mightily!
Know in your hearts Beloveds that as long as you have breath in your body, God is granting you another opportunity to walk in His blessings for your life. However, it is up to you to believe it, receive it, and walk in it. Yes, you may be going through some things right now that are dictating the opposite. God is moving and you do not want to miss what He is doing because you allow fear, anger, doubt, unbelief, and the lies of the enemy to keep you from seeing and receiving all that God says is yours…on this earth.
When we were children, we often had fantastical dreams and visions. So much, that many wanted to be one thing and by the following week, wanted to be something else. Our imaginations took us on flights of fancy that stirred our creativity and imagination. It stirred up in different ways, making us feel invincible and that anything was possible, and there was no way we would not be all that we dared to believe and dream.
There was not much if anything that we feared or wouldn't try unless we were taught to be afraid, told we could not, or discouraged on a consistent basis, lacking any kind of support or encouragement to dream and reach for the stars; having seeds of faith planted in our young hearts and minds. All children should be encouraged and their dreams validated, no matter how inconsequential, far-out, or unattainable it may seem to an adult. Far too many of us had our dreams and visions killed before we ever had the chance to really even develop an imagination or figure out who we are and what we may or may not be good at.
 Allow me to say this to all parents and anyone with influence over children: encourage them. Encourage their imagination. Ignite their creativity and inspire them to dream. Do not kill the seeds of vision and creativity because you may have doubts or because of your disappointments in life. Do not put your burdens on children who haven’t even had the opportunity to fully dream or hope yet. Give them a fighting chance. If they fall, let them. There is a lesson for them to learn in getting up.
Not all of us had the kind of childhood that fostered our hopes, dreams, and imagination. I was privileged to have parents that encouraged me to fly, to dream, to soar. Constantly being told that I "would be" anything I desired. That I would live my dreams and have whatever my heart desired. My parents believed in my brothers and me.
Here is another truth: as awesome as my parents were, they could not stop life from happening. Certain things were not in their control, things that hurt me as a child, as a young girl, and then a young woman; even now as an adult. We are going to grow up and find out for ourselves that life is not always pretty and it is not always fair. Some dreams will be deferred, some hopes will be smothered, and some visions will be forgotten. Fear, doubt, anxiety, comparing ourselves to others, will become a part of our reality.
Beloveds, there is good news, however. God can and will restore and resurrect our dreams and visions. He will even give us bigger and greater dreams and visions; enlarging our territories. He will take our hurts, heartaches, disappointments, and pain, and turn them into our purpose, our passion, our wealth. All of what we have lost will be restored. All that the enemy has stolen will be given back. God will turn our tests into testimonies; grant us double for our shame. We just have to believe Him and follow His instructions, and not be afraid to dream again and do the work that is necessary to get what God says is ours.
We are in our harvest time right now! Yet, many think that because the harvest is here, that there is no longer any work that needs to be done. That, we can sit back, relax, and see things fall into place. No Beloved, the harvest means work. Perhaps, even more, work than the planting. Yet, do not be afraid or allow that to intimidate you because of this kind of work; working for our harvest is one of the greatest times of our lives. It is when we begin to see the manifestations of the blessings and promises of God in our lives, the fruit of our labor blossoming.
This is the season of miracles, the supernatural, turnarounds, and answered prayers. Do not be fooled by the current state of affairs of this world. For, we may be in this world, be we are not of this world, and the Father is preparing us to lead others to the truth about who Jesus is, and who He is and who we are in Him. God has ushered us into a season of resurrected dreams and visions. We have much to do and God wants us ready to walk in the fullness of His promises and His love without hesitation or procrastination.
My Beloveds, may the spirit of peace and prosperity finds permanent rest in your lives. I decree that every good thing that God has ordained for your life will become evident to you. Do not despise humble beginnings or talk yourself out of the blessings of God. Stay in a posture of prayer, and God will reveal to you all that you need in order to move forward in His promises and abundance. The Father loves you…just as you are. You are blessed and highly favored. Now go…and be a blessing!

©2017. Ruthe McDonald. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

"Rebuilding After the Storms"

Reflections4Life September 24, 2017
“Rebuilding after the Storms”
“Then they will rebuild the ancient ruins, they will raise up and restore the former desolations; And they will renew the ruined cities, The desolations (deserted settlements) of many generations.” Isaiah 61:4
Scripture Contemplations: Hebrews 10; Nehemiah 4; Ezra 3; Isaiah 49; Jeremiah 33:7; Acts 15:16

Many may say that the Lord is soon to come again, and I would agree. They observe nature’s seemingly wrath against humanity and concur that the evil of man has brought all of this on. Trust, I have heard that and much more. Though I see this as a sign of the times and Christ soon return; I also see it has time to rebuild and restore that, which has been broken in the land. To restore kindness, love, mercy, peace, community, unity, and faith in God.
Certainly, I am not saying that God did this, but He allowed it. He is granting us the opportunity to see the harvest before us and ready for those of us who know God to go out into the fields and start working and help to restore, rebuild, and ignite other’s faith at this time in their lives. Which of us are ready to be the rainbow that God sends into other people’s lives after the storms?
I decree that this week’s Reflections will be a continued source of encouragement and inspiration for your heart, mind, and soul. God is rebuilding and restoring what was lost during the storms of our lives. Do not continue to look at what was lost or destroyed but rejoice that you are still here and God is blessing you to start over. Though there may be some tough times, remember that you are not alone. God is with you through it all. Trust Him and let your faith be restored.
My goodness! The tests and trials that we are facing in our lives can be equivalent to the hurricanes and earthquakes that have recently ravished this earth. The devastation, the heartache, the loss; all of it so great and overwhelming. Yet, here we still are. Alive and able to move forward in another day when so many people have lost their lives. People are grieving and mourning. Though our hearts are grieving also and are heavy and we may feel overwhelmed and despondent; know that God is capable of restoring you.
Some of us may ask, how many times do we have to start over? How many times do we have to lose before we start winning? You are alive, blessed with life and opportunities. It may not be everything you desire it to be right now, but you have the ability to start over; to change the ending of your story starting right now.
Here is what I know for certain, Beloveds: Throughout out our life's journey, we may find ourselves having to start over again. For some, it may happen several times before they are exactly where they desire to be. Sometimes we have to make an assertive decision completely to start over from a fresh perspective, a clean slate, rebuilding who we are.
That is exactly what God does for us—if we would listen and accept His will—is give us a fresh start, a brand new beginning; rebuilding us from brokenness and the devastation of life’s storms. We cannot change the past; however, we can change what happens next; the ability to transform the ending of our story, having it work in our favor.
I, myself, am at a crossroads in my own life at this moment; one that I am finding that God has been preparing me for all along. In keeping it honest with you, it is not the best of feelings. My faith feels as though it has been used up and stretched beyond its capacity. Yet, as the circumstances stand, in my heart I know emphatically that it does not change nor stop the blessings, favor, mercies, and grace of God for and in my life. I am coming out of this stronger than ever before and with a greater determination. Oh! Beloveds, I am just getting started! Ruthe 2.0.
When God is on your side, you never lose you always win. Do not be afraid to begin again or start over—not when God is on your side. As long as you have breath in your body, it is not too late for you to have and live the life that God has promised you. No matter how broken and bruised you are. God can and will rebuild from nothing. He will take the ruins of the storms of our lives and build something beautiful and everlasting. All we have to do is believe and tell God, yes!
My Beloveds, may the spirit of peace and prosperity finds permanent rest in your lives. I decree that every good thing that God has ordained for your life will become evident to you. NOTHING is impossible for God. Love yourself enough to know when you deserve and warrant more than what you have been getting or received. Through the storms of life let your soul and spirit be anchored to Christ. Say Yes to God, and He will take care of the rest! You are blessed. Now go…and be a blessing!
©2017. Ruthe McDonald. All Rights Reserved.



Sunday, September 17, 2017

"Open Your Eyes"

Rflections4Life September 17, 2017
“Open Your Eyes”
“And not a creature exists that is concealed from His sight, but all things are open and exposed and revealed to the eyes of Him with whom we have to give account.” Hebrews 4:13
Scripture Contemplation: Genesis 3; 21:19; Numbers 22:31; 1 Kings 8; Psalm 34:15; 119:18; Isaiah 35:5; 42:5-7; Jeremiah 32:19; Matthew 9:30; John 9; Acts 26:18…
©Ruthe McDonald.
There will come a time in our lives when we will not only face the truth but understand the truth and see it for what it really is. All the blinders will be gone. All the coverings stripped away. All the doubts and fears eradicated. All excuses silenced. That time is the seat of judgment before God where we will all face God for our actions and inactions.
In the meantime, many of us are walking blindly around with our hands covering our eyes to what is going on around us. Some believe if they act as though these things are not happening then they will not be held accountable for anything. However, beloved, God has given us charge over the earth, go out, and minister to the world. We are to share the truth of His love and promises. We are to spread the Gospel while living a life that is pleasing and acceptable to Him. Not perfect, mind you but pleasing and acceptable. Yet, for us to accomplish this, we must open our eyes and see what it is that God is showing us before we get swept away in the darkness of despair and the lies of the enemy.
I declare that this week’s Reflections is a continued source of encouragement and inspiration for your heart, mind, and soul. Allow Holy Spirit to fill your heart and open your eyes to what is going on around you. Let this week be a time of self-reflection as you take inventory of your life, relationships, time, and actions. Allow God to renew your mind, stir your spirit, and encourage you where you may feel defeated. Nothing is over until God says it is over. Let your eyes be open to what God is showing you.
How many times have we closed our eyes or turned a blind eye to what was hurting us, confusing us, or something we did not understand because we did not want to face the truth of a situation or because we did not want to do the work required to do what God has ordained for us? Too many of us have the misconception that we do not have to work or put an effort into our relationships, work, dreams, and visions. We treat God like He is a genie in a bottle and when we pray we expect Him to do everything while we remain the same and do nothing.
We must put in the work to see the desired results that we hope and pray for. If there is something that we cannot do that is out of our hands, having done all we could do; followed all of God’s instructions; then and only then, do we lift our hands up. We leave it in God’s hands to do what we cannot do. However, whatever God determines, we must follow His will, and instructions concerning that situation.
It is time to open our eyes, Beloved. Open our eyes to God. Open our eyes to what is being shown to us and has been prepared for us. We cannot open our eyes or be enlightened to the situations around us if we have not first surrendered to God and His ways and instructions. We must submit ourselves to God, be open to Him and filled with His understanding in order for us to see clearly what God wants us to see and is showing us.
It is vitally important that we first allow God to adjust our sight and vision because, Beloved, the enemy is very good at smoke and mirrors. Without the touch of Holy Spirit, the insight of our Heavenly Father and looking through His clear lens, we may misconstrue our situation, misinterpret, and miss all that God has ordained for our lives, especially if we are ruled by emotions and hurt feelings. Those kinds of emotions allow the enemy to insert himself further into our life circumstances, wreaking havoc and discord, until he has accomplished his goal of killing, stealing, and destroying.
Make no mistake about it, Beloved. Christ is soon to return. The signs are all around us. Even the enemy knows this; that his time is short and he has been escalating his attacks and attempts to destroy the children of God, to try to persuade them to give up on God and to walk away from the blessings that God has ordained for our lives. He is killing our relationships, marriages, businesses, hopes, dreams, and visions. He is stealing joy, lives, and happiness. He is destroying lives, families, communities, countries, reputations, and many other things all to rob us of the promises of God and to hurt the Father’s heart. If you did not know, we are just pawns in his war against God. We are not the target, God is. However, we are who God loves and has placed His spirit in, created in His image, and given authority to. That right there burns the enemy up.
My Beloveds, may the spirit of peace and prosperity finds permanent rest in your lives. I decree that every good thing that God has ordained for your life will become evident to you. Open your eyes, Beloved. Open them to the will of the Father. See through His lens. Do not allow the smoke and mirrors of the enemy to continue to rob you of the promises of God for your life. The only way to recognize the machinations of the enemy is to get closer to God. Allow God to fine-tune your sight; opening your eyes and heart to what is important and what is happening right before your eyes. You are blessed. Now go…and be a blessing!
©2017. Ruthe McDonald. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

"The Giants Fall Down"

Reflections4Life September 10, 2017
“The Giants Fall Down”
“These were descended from the giants in Gath, and they fell by the hand of David and by the hand of his servants.” 1 Chronicles 20:8
Scripture Contemplation: Deuteronomy 3; Joshua 13; 2 Samuel 21; 1 Chronicles 20…

We are all on a journey called life. Each of us taking different yet similar paths. Some times our journey will intersect with one another, giving us either perspective and encouragement, or distractions and discouragement. It is up to us to determine if what we are journeying towards is worth the travail, and sometimes hardship and difficulty we may face, and the giants that will try to block us and scare us along the way.
No one gets around the giants in their journey. They are guaranteed to show up. Yet, here is what many do not understand: THEY ARE STRONGER THAN THE GIANTS. God says that when we believe in Him, His promises and follow His instructions, those “giants” will fall down. The giants in our life journey look like insurmountable problems. They look like naysayers, pessimists, family members, strangers, work, difficult situations, our past, whatever may cause a hindrance or block in us moving forward. They are all considered “giants” in our lives. Those giants that seek to keep us from walking in the promises of God in our lives. It is time to gird ourselves with our smooth stones and watch the giants fall down.
I declare that this week’s Reflections will be a continued source of encouragement and inspiration for your heart, mind, and soul. Gird yourselves in the armor of God. As you go forth in your journey, pray fervently and follow all that God has instructed. No matter what comes at you, remember: Greater is God in you than he that is in this world. God has already given you the power to triumph and watch the giants fall down.
It is a guarantee that we will face some “giants” in our life’s journey. People, places, and things that will try to stop us from reaching our promise land. Yet God says they are no match for those who truly trust and believe in His word, and walk accordingly. God has a promise for each one us; a journey that we must take to get us to the fulfillment of those promises.
There have been numerous giants in my life—there still are some giants now—that I face and sometimes question if I am strong enough to get through. God reminds me of His promises but I also have to remind myself. I have to take the initiative to speak what God says about me; to take time and be still in my Father’s presence; to read and meditate in the word; to charge the atmosphere with the very words that God has decreed and declared over my life. Like David, I must carry my five smooth stones, prepared to take down the giants that come my way and try to block me from moving forward in the promises that God has ordained for my life.
I realized that God has been preparing all of my life for battles that I now face. When we are younger, we encounter things that seem so insurmountable. Yet, when we grow, mature, and are faced with different obstacles, we look back and might see that that was nothing compared to what we are facing now. However, in the lessons and those “small” obstacles, God was teaching us form, strategy, and technique. He was teaching us what to look for and how to conquer every giant.
Just as David, God has hidden some of us on the backside of the mountain. We have been spending time in the presence of God, getting to know His heart and worshipping Him, building a relationship of strength and confidence. Much like David, we will face our own bear and lion and defeat them. No knows what we are capable of. Neither do they understand what God has been preparing us for. Sometimes we don’t even know the breadth and scope of what God has for us. Yet, God has been preparing us for our own Goliath. We will either stand up and declare what is ours and what God has spoken, or we will back up and fear the illusion of strength that the Giant represents.
Beloved, I’ve come too far in my journey to turn back or be defeated this close to my promise land, and so have you. Many of us stand on the bridge of our journey—the bridge of crossing over. On the other side of the bridge is everything we have been striving for and working towards; all the manifestations of the blessings and promises for our lives. All we have to do is cross over the bridge but on the bridge is one more behemoth of a giant. A giant comprised of every obstacle you have ever faced. Every lie you were ever told. Every fear you ever experienced. Every pain you have ever felt. It’s there, on the bridge, trying to block your entrance to your God-ordained promise land. Not only is it there, it is taunting you and mocking you, and across its chest is a screen playing a picture of your journey, only showing the highlights of your failures; of every trip, fall, and mistake. There is a sound coming from this giant and it is all the negative thoughts you ever had and the negative words spoken by others. He will not budge. What are you going to do?
You are going to open your mouth (slingshot) and sling your stones (words) declaring what God has spoken to you. You are going to declare and decree, reminding the enemy, that God has already delivered you the victory and you are going to get what He promised. As you speak the word of God, pull down every stronghold, and take out your sword, you will witness the enemy start to crumble. You will move forward confidently, with the words of God coming from your mouth and heart, and watch as the Giant falls, your words hit him like heavy stones. When he has fallen, you will take its head off, so it will not rise again, and cross over into your promise land, giving God all of the glory. You WIN!  
 My Beloveds, may the spirit of peace and prosperity finds permanent rest in your lives. I decree that every good thing that God has ordained for your life will become evident to you. The giants fall down, Beloveds. They are no match for the power that resides in you; the power that is our God, our Creator. Do not back up now or run away when you are this close to the manifestations of the blessings and promises of God. The enemy is no match for you when you are standing and walking in confidence and courage. With God on your side, who can win against you? No one. You are blessed. Now go…and be a blessing!

©2017. Ruthe McDonald. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

"What About Yesterday?"

Reflections4Life September 3, 2017
“What About Yesterday?”
“Do not call to mind the former things, or ponder things of the past. Behold, I will do something new. Now it will spring forth…” Isaiah 43:18-19a (NASB)
Scripture Contemplation: Isaiah 42; 43; 2 Corinthians 5; Colossians 3; Revelation 21…
©Ruthe McDonald.
Whatever is going on in your life right now—be assured that God is doing a new thing. However, you will never be able to see, understand, or recognize it, if you are too preoccupied about yesterday. It is time to let some things go so that you can make room for what God has for you right now.
I decree that this week’s Reflections are a continued source of encouragement and inspiration for your heart, mind, and soul. There is so much that the Father wants to reveal to you; so much, He wants to do in your life. There is so much greatness waiting to manifest. Yield to His love and covering this week. Open your heart and receive all that God has been longing to give to you.
This week I will celebrate my birthday (Should God grant me continued life) and I truly grateful. However, this particular birthday, I feel a different current working through the atmosphere. There are major shifts in my life. Though it may not feel good right now, I know it is for the better; for a great and mighty tomorrow. I am grateful for another year of life. Although all is not as I desire, I am blessed nonetheless, because I trust the Father to keep His promises. I am determined to concentrate on the good and not allow sadness; heartache, disappointment, and discouragement dictate the happiness of my present or future. I am truly blessed and thank the Father for a new year of His grace, mercy, love, direction, and supernatural happenings in my life! Thank You, Lord!
There is so much of today, of the present, that we miss out on in life because our focus is continually on yesterday: What happened yesterday…Who did what to you on yesterday…What didn’t go right yesterday…What you didn’t get yesterday…And so on, and so on. We miss many opportunities that God has placed before us today, opportunities waiting for us to seize.
Often times, fear is a part of yesterday. Because yesterday did not happen the way we desired, or something bad happened yesterday—we have a fear of moving forward or hoping in today. Relationships did not work out, so we fear we are not going to be loved or love again. Friendships fall apart and we fear we will not trust another person again. The career we desired did not pan out the way we wanted, so we fear trying something new or different because we do not want to be disappointed. Beloved, all of this is a part of life. These things happen sometimes. However, we should never give it the power to rule and dictate the rest our lives. That was just a season. Yes, it has an impact but the story God has written for us is bigger than the heartache and pain. It is far greater than anything else we could have ever known.
Yet, most of us have made fear our companion. Fear can immobilize us; keep us from moving forward in the promises of God. We can become fearful of ever trying again or stepping out in faith on the path that God has ordained for us. Faith and fear cannot operate together. We are either walking in one or the other but never both. I can testify that faith is a whole lot better!
 It is time, Beloveds. It is time to move forward and into the new things that God has ordained for your life. It is time to stop pondering on the former things, and allow Holy Spirit to lead you into the path of today and the promises of the Father manifesting in your life.
Are not you tired of carrying those old bags? Are not you tired of fighting that same old fight? Are not you tired of feeling like you are missing out on something? Are not you tired of not living life to the fullest? God is waiting on you to decide if you truly want what He has already promised and done for you.
Isaiah 43:16-19 (The Message Bible) “This is what God says, the God who builds a road right through the ocean, who carves a path through pounding waves the God who summons horses and chariots and armies—they lie down and then can’t get up; they’re snuffed out like so many candles: “Forget about what’s happened; don’t keep going over old history. Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new. It’s bursting out! Don’t you see it? There it is! I’m making a road through the desert, rivers in the badlands.”
Amen! I do not know about you but that makes me excited! It not only makes me excited, it gives me hope and strengthens my faith in the God that I serve; knowing and understanding that my Father has already made a path for me to walk on that will lead me to an expected end. That, through the harshest of places and the roughest of times, God is doing something brand new just for me. All I have to do is let go of the past and what didn’t work, and who did whatever, and follow what God is saying right now!
Yes. It can be difficult to let go of the past, not to dwell upon what has taken place when you are currently dealing with its aftermath. However, yield to the Father. Give it all to God. Do not keep going over what was and what did not take place or what someone did. Be alert and present. Be in the here and now, and allow God to lead you to the place He has long ordained for you. Think of it this way: Every hurt, pain, failure, heartache, are tools and experiences that God has used to strengthen you for the abundance and overflow of blessings He is about to manifest in your life. Those trials and tests? The heartache and heartbreak? They were all making room for the divine blessings of God that He has ordained for you from the beginning. Think about Job.
My Beloveds, may the spirit of peace and prosperity finds permanent rest in your lives. I decree that every good thing that God has ordained for your life will become evident to you. Let the Father’s healing consume you—reaching every barren, hollowed, and hurting place. Let God do that new thing in you, and bring you to a place of rest and completion. He loves you and has already ordained a path filled with hope, love, faith, and greatness. You are blessed. Now go…and be a Blessing!
©2017. Ruthe McDonald. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

"Every Step is Victory"

Reflections4Life August 27, 2017
“Every Step is Victory”
“The steps of a [good and righteous] man are directed and established by the Lord, and He delights in his way [and blesses his path].” Psalm 37:23
Scripture Contemplation: 2 Samuel 22:37; Job 14:16; 31; Psalm 18; 37; John 5:6-8; James 5:16

I declare that this week's Reflections will be a continued source of encouragement and inspiration for your heart, mind, and soul. Know and believe that it is in every step we make up in our heart and minds to take each day that brings the vision to pass. Celebrate every step taken; every step conquered, pursuing your goals and visions one day, one-step at a time—one victory at a time.
I wish you could see my heart today and what has been stirring in my spirit, so you would have a first-hand account of my truth, but all I have is my word to share with you. I pray that the fruit of my mouth and of my actions speak for themselves. I hope the words I write are illuminated by our Creator and it brings encouragement and inspiration to you today because you recognize your own truth within them.
The heavenly Father reminded me that it is imperative that we not focus on a future result and the ultimate win of accomplished goals and visions, but to instead focus on the daily wins. The triumphs made each day. The result of what we desire, the ultimate goal being met, is comprised of the steps of the journey that it took to get there. One day at a time still holds fast and true. We are to celebrate the victory of each new day we are granted, each step that is accomplished. It is in the individual steps we take that ultimately culminate into that goal and dream that waits it appointed time.
Here is what I have also learned and been reminded of, beloved, that the first step is always the hardest. Somewhere in the middle of the journey, it will get harder still. Then when we are about to see the vision completed, it will get hard again and the enemy will do everything he can to make us give up just when we were about to meet the finish line.
Yet, here’s the thing: We must actually take that first step. That first step towards greatness, healing, peace of heart and mind and our goals and visions. Oh, that first step often looks daunting, not because we are necessarily looking at the first step, but are looking at the entire staircase. Our minds and vision are on the results and the big picture. That can be a deterrent for many of us. It can stop most before they even get started because the dreams and visions seem too big or overwhelming.
The Father says to take victory in every step; to look at the vision and goals as a series of daily steps. One step, one day, at a time. So, I determined to look at each day as not only a challenge to be met but a challenge to be won and celebrated, bringing me one day, one step, one triumph, one victory closer to the manifestation of my visions and goals. I encourage you to do the same.
I realized that the focus I had on the big picture was hindering my progress in daily tasks. It is so easy to get caught up in the vision of where we want to be and go and do, that the journey—along with its lessons—are sometimes missed, forgotten, or bypassed, which in turn only makes our goals and visions seem that much further away and sometimes impossible.
If we can look at our life’s journey as a series of steps instead of an entire staircase to conquer, then the tasks we need to accomplish will not seem as difficult or daunting. Yes, we will be met with obstacles and situations that will often make us feel as though we are stuck or going in the wrong direction. However, that is a part of life; a part of a series of lessons that we must learn in this life; lessons that will strengthen us and prepare us for the manifest blessings.
This is what I am learning and coming to understand; Conquering one step at a time is a whole lot better than trying to conquer an entire staircase of forty to eighty steps at once. That is too overwhelming and the chances of my giving up and failure are that much greater. That is not an option for me. I will take my stance and concentrate on that one, step, and I will celebrate the victory of conquering that one step as I go on to the next.
It is not impossible for God to leap frog us the entire staircase or a few steps. If He does—great! His promises are just manifested that much sooner. However, I, myself, will not seek to skip or take on any more steps than He has ordained because I am in a rush to the finish line. I will move accordingly, following the steps that God has ordained for me, and relish in every single step accomplished and victory gained because I understand that single victory is part of the whole vision coming to pass.
My Beloveds, may the spirit of peace and prosperity finds permanent rest in your lives. I decree that every good thing that God has ordained for your life will become evident to you. The first step is a change of mind and the words we speak to ourselves. There is so much before us; ahead of us. There is a victory in each step we take. So celebrate the milestones of your journey, for they make the vision complete. You are blessed. Now go…and be a blessing!

©2017. Ruthe McDonald. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

"Breaking Crutches"

Reflections4Life August 20, 2017
“Breaking Crutches”
“Jesus said, “If you were really blind, you would be blameless, but since you claim to see everything so well, you’re accountable for every fault and failure.” John 9:41
Scripture Contemplation: Exodus 32; 1 Samuel 3;4; 1 Chronicles 7; Acts 5...
©Ruthe McDonald.
I am reminded of an important truth that many of us may not see; especially when you love someone. When you love so deeply as a spouse, a parent, a child, a sibling, there are times when we may allow our love for another to hinder a move of God from happening in our loved one's life and even our own. Unwittingly, we become a tool in the enemy's plan to destroy our loved one and sabotage ourselves, by not following what God said but instead yielding to the heartstrings pulled by the flesh. Beloved, it is time to break every crutch.
I declare that this week's Reflections will be a continued source of encouragement and inspiration for your heart, mind, and soul. Lay it all on the altar—including your loved ones—and leave it/them there. Trust God to do what needs to be done in their lives, as well as your own. Allow the peace of God to rest in your heart concerning the ones you love and your journey before you. Trust everything to the Father's capable hands.
It is not easy to see a loved one suffering. It is in some of our natures to be a nurturer and caregiver; always being there in the time of someone's need. There comes a time, however, when we must step back and learn to allow them to walk their own path; to fall, if they must, and allow God to be the One to pick them up.
Sometimes our help becomes a hindrance, blocking the move of God in a person's life. Think about it this way: What if you constantly carried your child around. What if you carried them everywhere, for fear that they were going to hurt themselves? How would they learn to walk? How would they know it is possible to get back up and start again? How would they come to the understanding that sometimes you can be bruised, but in time, healing will come? How will they learn not to be scared but to have faith?
You would be crippling your child for the rest of their lives if you always carried them. You would be depriving them of learning their own strengths and weaknesses, and learning how to take care of themselves when the time came. They would never develop strong legs or a tough bottom if all you ever did were carry them. They must learn to walk on their own. Moreover, in the process gain strength in their legs, learn that they can get back up, and learn that they can walk on their own.
If we know the truth and do not abide by that truth; live and walk in that truth, we are just as guilty by going along with those who are sinning against God. By not standing up for truth and speaking out against what we know to be wrong, we are a crutch to those who will do wrong. Our silence or allowance for such behaviors make us part of the sin, and liable for the consequences that follow.
God does not fault us for loving our children or wanting what is best for them. But we cannot be the kind of parent that does not give correction or discipline, or hold our children accountable for their actions. There are times when we can become a crutch for those that we love by always bailing them out, and never allowing them to face the consequences of their actions. How can our loved ones come to learn accountability and responsibility if we continue to provide a license for them to do what they want to do, whenever they want to do it without any repercussions for their actions? We become just as guilty as they.
God knows our hearts. He knows all that we do and say. He knows our thoughts before we think them. Yet, many of us have knowingly lied and covered up sins and wrong doings for those we may love, believing that we are showing loyalty and unconditional love. Being a crutch and making excuses for sin is not loyalty or unconditional love; it is being an enabler.
The Father is holding us accountable for our actions and inactions. He is not idly sitting upon His throne and watching us, winking at our iniquities. He is not moved by our devotion to our loved one's sinful behavior. He is not pleased by the excuses we make for them. Yet, He is holding us accountable, and their blood is on our hands. How can we know the truth and not live it or teach the truth? How can we say we love God and love our family, and not allow God to do what needs to be done in their lives? We cannot continue to make excuses, or become an excuse, or continue to bail out our loved ones and expect them to become who God has ordained for them to be.
If we sincerely love them, then we must be willing to let them fall and get back up on their own. We must be willing to let them walk their walk on their own, learning, growing, and coming to God for themselves. There is only one Savior, and His name is Jesus Christ. Tough love is often allowing those we love and care for to come to the realization that only God can deliver them and save them from the course their life has taken. Do not be the crutch that eventually brings death—spiritually and physically—to the ones that you say you love. Let God be God. If they fall, allow God to pick them up. Stop being a pawn in the enemy’s plots and schemes.
My Beloveds, may the spirit of peace and prosperity finds permanent rest in your lives. I decree that every good thing that God has ordained for your life will become evident to you. Break the crutches today. Place your loved ones on the altar, allowing God to do for them what He has done for you. Let Jesus become their Savior and Deliverer. Move out of God's way, and see what the Father will do when you have complete faith in Him. You are blessed. Now go...and be a blessing!

©2017. Ruthe McDonald. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

"True Love is Always Worth the Fight"

Reflections4Life August 13, 2017
“True Love is Always worth the Fight”
“But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:12
Scripture Contemplation: Genesis 1;2; Song of Solomon; John 3:16-17; John 17; 1 Corinthians 13; Galatians 5:22-23...
©Ruthe McDonald.
I do not believe I can adequately explain how much I love God. The proper vernacular escapes me to do justice to what my heart and spirit hoards for our Creator. I love Him with every fiber of my being, every single molecule. His love has set me free, and I never want to be bound again. No matter what experiences and challenges I am met with; I will always fight for true love. It is worth it.
I decree that this week's Reflections will be a continued source of encouragement and inspiration for your heart, mind, and soul. You may have suffered some great heartache and disappointments; now is the time to get back in the fight for unconditional love. No longer will you let go of love, but you will hold on, give love, and receive the love you deserve.
The heavenly Father has blessed me with a powerful understanding and revelation concerning love. Still, I know there are more revelations (about His love to come.) How can I begin to explain or convey such knowledge and wisdom? I believe the best way is to show you; through my actions, through my writing, through my service to the Father on a daily basis.
Do you know how powerful love is? Do you understand how love can change things? Unconditional love? God love? God? Oh my Beloveds, when I finally understood that God is love and that He has created in me that same love; a part of Him is in me—I cannot begin to tell you how that one revelation changed my life, and how I love and receive love. How, I will fight for love, knowing that true, unconditional, sincere love is worth the fight.
It is but a guarantee that in this lifetime we will suffer hurt, disappointments, and discouragements. Yet, we cannot allow those things to stop us from loving unconditionally or giving up on love. Sure, many of us love but we place conditions on that love. When we are born, all we know is to love unconditionally as a child, until we grow up and begin to experience life and put into practice what we are taught. Taught through others actions; mimicking the way others loved around us. Sadly, we learn to give up to soon and not fight for that gift that God has given all of us.
The only way to know how to love unconditionally, to fight for it, is to be intimate with the Father; to understand how He loves and to know what it is He desires from us. Any other kind of love is temporal. It will not last or stand the tests and trials of our lifetime. It holds restraints and has conditions upon it and soon does not become worthy of our time and effort.
Now the love of God—God Love?—is refreshing, liberating, unconditional, mind and heart changing, and it is everlasting. It is worth fighting for and never giving up on. I am not saying that we will not experience hurt and disappointments while loving unconditionally, because we will, being a part of life in this earth. However, we can triumph over those hurts and learn to love freely and fight what God has promised and given to us, without having to contort ourselves into someone we do not know, filled with bitterness, regrets, carrying baggage, and never capable of trust. That is not Christ! That is not God Love! That is a prison sentence. Not anything, that one would remotely want to fight for. God has set us free from that. We can live and love without any strings or conditions attached, and when circumstances arise to threaten that love, we will know that it is worth the fight to secure and keep that love, because we will understand how precious it sincerely is.
 So can we agree that in this life we will experience disappointment and hurt? But can we also agree that we can will also experience the joy and gift of love when we love God's way? We cannot allow unconditional love to slip from our spirit because we have been hurt. No matter how many times it has occurred. I know: sounds easier said than done. However, it is not when you have allowed God that place upon the throne of your heart, and you begin to love as He loves. When you allow the Father to teach you how to navigate and how to love as He does. That is something you will fight for, because once you experience it, there is nothing else that compares to it.
I learned a valuable lesson, coming to the understanding that many of us have allowed the way we love to be shaped by our experiences with others. Because of this, we hinder and shortchange ourselves when it comes to giving and receiving love. We punish others for the missteps and hurts caused by another and we give up and do not fight for unconditional love, the gift of love that God brings into our lives.
Hurt can be devastating and change your love. However, love should be unconditional. Do not allow the pain, heartache, and disappointment from previous relationships; whether it is romantic, friendships, or even a relationship with a church—to change how you love and receive love or your willingness to give your all and fight for love. Allow God to guard your heart, as you continue to love unconditionally.
1 Corinthians 13:4-8a “Love is kind and patient, never jealous, boastful, proud, or rude. Love isn’t selfish or quick tempered. It doesn’t keep a record of wrongs that others do. Love rejoices in the truth, but not in evil. Love is always supportive, loyal, hopeful, and trusting. Love never fails!”
My Beloveds, may the spirit of peace and prosperity finds permanent rest in your lives. I decree that every good thing that God has ordained for your life will become evident to you. Let love reign. Let God be all up in your space, loving on you and teaching you to love. Hold onto love and never let it go. Fight for true love to remain in your life. No matter the circumstances or situations, true, unconditional love can always and will always endure. You are blessed. Now go...and be a Blessing!

©2017. Ruthe McDonald. All Rights Reserved.