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With A Thankful Heart

Reflections4life November 24th, 2013
With a Thankful Heart”
Enter His gates with thanksgiving And His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him, bless His name.” Psalm 100:4
Scripture Contemplation: Psalm 100; Psalm 118; Isaiah 12; Jeremiah 30:18-20; Philippians 4:6...
There is so much that we have to be thankful for; even if we do not see it or feel it. The fact of the matter is, our perception will determine our reality. What we perceive daily to be the truth; what we take into our hearts—will be become our experiences. It is a thankful heart that will see the open doors that the Father has ordained for us.
I declare and decree that this week's Reflections will be a continued source of encouragement and inspiration for your heart, mind, and soul. Let your hearts be filled with thanksgiving, in spite of anything you may be facing at this moment. Find at least one thing to thank God for, and praise Him for it each and every day, and see what changes will soon take place.
Dear Father,
It is my sincerest prayer today, that Your will be done in the lives of those that You have chosen and called. Let Your will be done in every person that reads this Reflection. May their hearts be filled with encouragement today.
Lord, I thank You for Your grace and mercy, I thank You for love, life, family, and friendship. Father, I pray that each person under this prayer, will receive all that You have ordained for them. Let there be no lack in their lives. I pray that You would meet their every need. That, You would expand their hearts, and fill it with Your joy and peace.
Father, I am thankful for their fellowship and their friendship. It has been like water for my soul. I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet some beautiful people. And I pray that You would bless them a hundredfold for all that they have blessed my life with. Thank You for meeting their needs, and for answering their prayers. Thank You for keeping them and their families safe and healthy. I ask that You would continue to do a good work in them, and that they would see You in every area of their lives. May their hearts be filled each day with thanksgiving, as You continue to pour Yourself into their expectant cups.
In Jesus' name.
You know what I've learned? Complaining is a sure way to block your blessings from manifesting. It is so easy to complain. And we can find ourselves with a complaining spirit rather quickly, if we are not careful. When we complain, it blocks us from seeing the good that is in our lives. We have a choice: we can either be thankful, regardless to whom or what life is throwing at us. Or, we can complain until we no longer see the good in anything.
A complaining spirit is very subtle in nature, and can easily lead to self-pity. We find ourselves in a whoa-is-me frame of mind. Once that mindset settles in, it can be difficult to release ourselves from. Complaining is far removed from who God is. We must have a spirit of thankfulness.
Sure, that's easier said than done—many might say. But is it? It is not hard to find something to be thankful for, and to replace the desire to complain with a word of thank you, to God. It is all how you perceive things.
If your daily perception is about how much things are wrong in your life, in this world, in your circumstances, then the greater your reality is that of pessimism. But, if you can perceive something good; even if it is only one thing, and you begin to thank God continually for that one thing, then soon, your reality is that of optimism.
It is easy to get into a spirit of complaining when you feel as though you have been hit on every side, and have experienced nothing but attacks and tests. However, you have survived those tests and attacks. Hopefully you have gained some knowledge and wisdom through your experiences, and you are still in the land of the living to give God some praise for bringing you through.
No one is saying you don't have a right to complain. But why complain, when you can give God praise, and see Him change your circumstances? God often waits on us to make up in our hearts and minds to praise Him in spite of our circumstance and situation. There is more sweetness to be had in the praising of God, than in complaining of those things we do not like.
When we constantly complain, we hinder our view of what God has for us. We cannot see the blessings before us, because our mind becomes clouded and jaded. It's time to switch it up. It's time to bring forth praise and thanksgiving in every situation. Yes, it may be difficult at first. But with consistency and with fellowship with the Father, you can praise God in the midst of the storms and see your circumstances change.
The choice is ours: thank God or complain. We cannot do both. I say, give thanks to the Father. Let the heavens hear your affirmations of gratitude. Create an atmosphere of praise, so that you can draw to you that which is good and pleasing of God. Whatever you project, you reflect, and you ultimately receive. Let thankfulness be projected, so you can reflect the goodness of God, and receive the manifestations of your blessings.
I decree that the spirit of peace and of prosperity has found permanent rest in your lives: spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and financially. Give God praise. Thank Him for life. Thank Him for the fact that you are here right now. All may not be the way you desire, but you can rest assure that there is someone, somewhere, praying they were in your shoes. Just say thank You. It will make all the difference between today and tomorrow. You are Blessed. More than you know. Now go...and Be a Blessing!
©2013. Ruthe McDonald. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Reflections4Life: "An Overflowing Cup"

Reflections4Life November 17th, 2013
An Overflowing Cup”
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: Thou hast anointed my head with oil; My cup runneth over. Surely goodness and loving-kindness shall follow me all the days of my life; And I shall dwell in the house of Jehovah for ever.”Psalm 23:5,6 (ASV)
Scripture Contemplation: Genesis 17; Genesis 48; Psalm 23; John 14; Galatians 5; 1 Peter 2...
How full is your cup today? Or maybe I should ask, what is in your cup? Is it filled with kindness? Love? Compassion? Or is it filled with hate? Bitterness? Regrets? Or, is your cup empty? Have you become so numb from the situations you have faced, and the trials you have contended with, that you feel empty inside; like you have nothing left to give or to feel? God desires to fill your cup to it's overflowing. He wants to anoint you daily from an overflowing cup of blessings.
I declare and decree that this week's Reflections will be a continued source of encouragement and enlightenment for your heart, mind, and soul. Let your heart be filled with joy this week, knowing that God, our Father, loves you and has made a way for you. Allow Him to anoint you today, from His overflowing cup.
We must continually fellowship with the Father to ensure that not only are our cups full, but also running over. For, it is in the overflow that we find answers. It is in the overflow that we can bless others and not become depleted ourselves. It is in the overflow that we see Jesus. It is in the overflow that we are anointed for each new day the Father grants us. It is in the overflow that we see who we are, and gain the strength to tell the truth about ourselves and receive deliverance.
The overflow is the anointing of God upon our lives. The anointing that transforms our lives and the lives of those we have influence over. Our cup is our heart, mind, and spirit. The cup in which God desires to pour Himself into, and become an overflow until it reaches and changes other people's lives, as well as our own.
Beloved, we are not here upon this earth just for ourselves. We are not here to partake in the cup of blessings just for self. We are here to serve one another, to love one another, to help one another, to inspire and encourage one another. We are here to be a walking example of God's love in the earth. We are less than what we think we are by the human mind's interpretation, and more of who we know not, by the mind of Christ.
1 Peter 2:9-10(MSG) But you are the ones chosen by God, chosen for the high calling of priestly work, chosen to be a holy people, God’s instruments to do his work and speak out for him, to tell others of the night-and-day difference he made for you—from nothing to something, from rejected to accepted.
Why do so many of us hide our testimony, and act as though we have loved and served the Lord all of our lives? Or, have never fallen, made mistakes, have sinned? We all have fallen short of God's glory (Romans 3:23). Yet, God loves us.
We don't have to pretend with God. We don't have to pretend for others. Why should we hide what God has done for us? Our testimony can mean salvation and deliverance to someone else. It can be the difference between life and death for another soul. Tell the truth to yourself, and tell it to others. Do not stifle the anointing of God. Do not stop the flow of the blessings of God in your life and the ability to bless others, because you don't want anyone to know what God has done for you. Don't be ashamed. And do not feel condemned. There is power and deliverance in your testimony. Allow the power of your testimony flow from your cup.
The Father calls us unto Him, and desires us to know that it is not about how good we are, how straight and narrow we can walk. It's not about perfection, or how well versed we are in scripture. It's not about appearances. It's not even about what we can do, or how much we love God. It is simply about how much God loves us. How much He desires to fill us and be a constant source of love, strength, mercy, and grace in our lives.
There are many walking around with empty cups, or cups half full. There is many living a lie. We lie to ourselves, we lie to others. And we even try to lie to God. We try to justify our sinful actions. We try to cover up what we have done. We are walking around filled with guilt, shame and sorrow, when all we have to do is confess, repent, and allow God to move in our lives the way He desires.
Do you not know that God desires to bless you forever? Do you not know that the Father desires to reside within you, and pour Himself into your very being; anointing you until it spills out of your life and into the lives of others? He wants your cup(heart) to not only be filled, but overflowing(anointing of God), so that you will have a continued source that never runs out.
The anointing changes everything. The anointing breaks every yoke, lifts every burden, restores broken hearts, restores the soul, brings healing and deliverance, gives power to weak, understanding to the heart, vision to the blind, hearing to the deaf, speech to the dumb, movement to the lame, hope to the hopeless, victory in the battle, stability in the mind. The anointing is the presence of God in your life each and every day; enabling you to walk the walk and not just talk it. Enabling you to live a life that is full, complete, and life changing each and every day.
How's your cup today? Is it full? Is it empty? Is it overflowing? Beloved, it is not about how good you are, or how well you act like a believer, or how many scriptures you have memorized, or how pleasant and nice you can be, or about how much you love God. It is about none of those things. It is about how much God loves you. His love for you is never ending; even when you rejected Him. Even when you turned and walked in sin. Even while you were yet in sin. Even before you entered into this realm of time; it has always been about how much He loves you. And how much He desires to bless you.
I decree that the spirit of peace and of prosperity found permanent rest in your lives spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, and financially. Allow God to fill your cup until it's overflowing. Allow Him to pour all of Him into you, until it is an overflow, touching and changing the lives of others. Let the Father love on you. You are Blessed. Now go...and Be a Blessing!

©2013. Ruthe McDonald. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Reflections4Life: "The Anointing of Wisdom"

Reflections4Life November 10th, 2013
The Anointing of Wisdom”
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” Proverbs 9:10
Scripture Contemplation: Exodus 32; 1 Kings 4; Job 28; Proverbs 8; 1 Corinthians 1; James 1:5...
We live in such a technological and information driven world. Information is all around us. The only problem is, not all of the information is accurate. Not everything we hear and learn is the truth. With the advancement of technology, came the onslaught of so-called experts; making it difficult to decipher between that which is true and false.
We sometimes get information overload. We become uncertain in who or what to believe. However, when we choose God, and we receive Christ as our Savior, we receive wisdom. We receive the gift of discernment. As we yield ourselves to Christ, surrendering all that we are unto Him; we begin to walk in the anointing of wisdom.
I declare and decree that this week's Reflections is a continued source of encouragement and inspiration for your heart, mind, and soul. When you are walking in Christ, you receive the full benefits package, which includes everything that Jesus is. His anointing now resides in you. And it is up to you to nurture and walk in that anointing.
What a powerful week I have experienced. Not because of anything I have done or witnessed. But because of the revelations of Holy Spirit. His instructions which lead you to life and understanding. The truth of the matter is, I have had one hectic week, filled with all kinds of ups and downs and ins and outs. I have experienced emotional highs and lows, and have grappled with emotional and physical pain, as well as mental tiredness.
Sometimes things get a bit overwhelming in our lives, and we can quickly forget the power we have in Christ. That, the anointing of wisdom that is present in our lives is not just to know we have access to, but to actually embrace it and walk in it. To embody it, and have our lives changed because of it.
God is such an awesome God. He is majestic in all His ways. He leads into truth, each and everyday, all that would yield to Him, and fellowship with Him. Our relationship with the Father needs to be nurtured every day. We must spend time in the Father's presence. To truly know who we are, and our purpose upon this earth, we must be intimate with the Father. Jesus must reside within in us. Holy Spirit must fill us. We must be connected to the source of life to have understanding of life.
In my quiet time and Bible study, I have been reading Psalms and Proverbs, again. Proverbs, as we know, is considered the book of wisdom by many. As I was reading, God opened my eyes, yet again, to another revelation: Jesus is Wisdom. Jesus just does not embody wisdom, or have wisdom. He is wisdom.
Maybe you knew this, already. But I did not see it this way. My previous understanding before this week's revelation was that when we receive Christ as our Savior, we gain wisdom and understanding, as in who God is, and the mysteries of His word. That, Jesus would impart into us His wisdom of the Father; His knowledge and understanding. That, His wisdom is what we gain over time, as we yield to a life in Christ. However, it never occurred to me that Jesus and Wisdom are synonymous with one another, just as God and Love are synonymous.
Talk about mind blowing! I must have read Proverbs 8 a few times, as the understanding blossomed and the anointing took hold of my heart and mind. Then it occurred to me, that when we receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we receive wisdom. Wisdom becomes apart of us. The anointing is residing in us, and to walk in wisdom, all we have to do is yield to Christ. Christ is the wisdom we seek. Christ is wisdom operating in us if we believe and allow Him to be the King upon the throne of our hearts.
Proverbs 8:22-31“The Lord possessed me at the beginning of His way, Before His works of old. 23 I have been established from everlasting, From the beginning, before there was ever an earth. 24 When there were no depths I was brought forth,When there were no fountains abounding with water. 25 Before the mountains were settled, Before the hills, I was brought forth; 26 While as yet He had not made the earth or the fields, Or the primal dust of the world. 27 When He prepared the heavens, I was there, When He drew a circle on the face of the deep, 28 When He established the clouds above, When He strengthened the fountains of the deep, 29 When He assigned to the sea its limit, So that the waters would not transgress His command, When He marked out the foundations of the earth, 30 Then I was beside Him as a master craftsman; And I was daily His delight, Rejoicing always before Him, 31 Rejoicing in His inhabited world, And my delight was with the sons of men.
Amazing! To know that wisdom and Christ are one in the same. That, when we receive Christ, and we are in fellowship with Him; we have wisdom. Wisdom living and breathing within us. Wisdom guiding and leading us, and Holy Spirit giving understanding!
Do you understand what this means as a believer? All we have to do is listen to Christ within us. All we have to do is yield to His way and His teaching. All we have to do is put on the mind of Christ, and we will be filled and walking in wisdom. The anointing of wisdom is present with us each and every day we are yielded to Christ, and walking in salvation.
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God (John 1:1), and that Word is Wisdom, and that Wisdom resides in the hearts of those who have received and believed on the Lord Jesus Christ. We have access 24/7. We can walk in our purpose, living fulfilled lives that have been saturated by the anointing of God, because we have yielded to Wisdom.
We don't have to search and search for the truth when the truth is already with us. We don't need to seek outward for wisdom when wisdom is already within. All we have to do is yield! My God, what a revelation!
I decree that the spirit of peace and of prosperity find permanent rest in your life: spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and financially. Yield to Wisdom. Let the anointing saturate your heart, mind, and soul. Get intimate with Christ, so that He may reveal to you all that has been stored up for you before you ever entered the realm of time. There's no need to overwhelmed with copious amounts of information, when inside of is Wisdom, waiting to reveal to you the path God has ordained just for you, and how to walk in it 24/7. You are Blessed. Now go...and Be a Blessing!

©2013. Ruthe McDonald. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Reflections4Life: "Break The Crutches"

Reflections4Life November 3rd, 2013

Break The Crutches”

Jesus said, “If you were really blind, you would be blameless, but since you claim to see everything so well, you’re accountable for every fault and failure.” John 9:41

Scripture Contemplation: Exodus 32; 1 Samuel 3;4; 1 Chronicles 7; Acts 5...

I was reminded of an important truth the other day. A truth that many of us may not see; especially when you love someone. When you love so deeply as a spouse, a parent, a child, a sibling. There are times when we allow our love for another to hinder a move of God from happening in our loved one's life. Unwittingly, we have become a tool in the enemy's plan to destroy our loved one, by not following what God said and yielding to the heart strings being pulled. Beloved, it is time to break the crutches. If we are to see our loved ones become who God has ordained them to be, then we must love them enough to no longer be their crutch.

I declare and decree that this week's Reflections will be a continued source of encouragement and inspiration for your heart, mind, and soul. Allow yourself to lay it all on the altar—including your loved ones—and leave it/them there. Trust God to do what needs to be done in their lives. May you have the peace of God in heart concerning the ones you love; trusting them to the Father's capable hands.

It is not easy to see your loved one suffer. It can be heart-wrenching to see those you care about go through anything at all. And, it is in some of our natures to be a nurturer and caregiver; always being there in the time of someone's need. Yet, there is a time when we must step back and learn to allow our loved ones to walk their path. To fall sometimes and to allow God be the One to pick them up.

Far too often we get in the way of what God wants to do in the lives of those we love and care for. Our help can eventually turn into a hindrance. Hindering the move of God in that person's life. Think about this: what if you constantly carried your child around. What if you carried them everywhere, for fear that they were going to hurt themselves? How would they learn to walk? How would they know that they could get back up and start again? How would they come to the understanding that sometimes you can get bruised, but in time, healing will come forth?

You would be crippling your child for the rest of their lives if you always carried them. You would be depriving them of learning their own strengths and weaknesses, and learning how to take care of themselves when the time came. They would never develop strong legs, or a tough bottom if all you ever did was carry them. They must learn to walk on their own. And in the process gain strength in their legs, learn that they can get back up, and learn that they can walk on their own.

Exodus 32:5-8 (MSG) 5 Aaron, taking in the situation, built an altar before the calf. Aaron then announced, “Tomorrow is a feast day to God!” 6 Early the next morning, the people got up and offered Whole-Burnt-Offerings and brought Peace-Offerings. The people sat down to eat and drink and then began to party. It turned into a wild party! 7-8 God spoke to Moses, “Go! Get down there! Your people whom you brought up from the land of Egypt have fallen to pieces. In no time at all they’ve turned away from the way I commanded them: They made a molten calf and worshiped it. They’ve sacrificed to it and said, ‘These are the gods, O Israel, that brought you up from the land of Egypt!’”

There are times in our life when we know what is right, but we do not always do what is right. We yield to the voice of the people. Instead of standing up for what God has said, we give in. And because we give in, we cause destruction to take place. We become the crutch of allowance. Instead of standing up for what is right and holy, we follow the crowd. To appease the masses, we deviate from what is right.

If we know the truth and do not abide by that truth; live and walk in that truth, we are just as guilty by going along with those who are sinning against God. By not standing up for truth and speaking out against what we know to be wrong, we are a crutch to those who will do wrong. Our silence or allowance for such behaviors make us part of the sin, and liable for the consequences that follow.

Samuel 3:11-14 (MSG) 11-14 God said to Samuel, “Listen carefully. I’m getting ready to do something in Israel that is going to shake everyone up and get their attention. The time has come for me to bring down on Eli’s family everything I warned him of, every last word of it. I’m letting him know that the time’s up. I’m bringing judgment on his family for good. He knew what was going on, that his sons were desecrating God’s name and God’s place, and he did nothing to stop them. This is my sentence on the family of Eli: The evil of Eli’s family can never be wiped out by sacrifice or offering.”

God does not fault us for loving our children or wanting what is best for them. But we cannot be the kind of parent that does not give correction or discipline, or hold our children accountable for their actions. There are times when we can become a crutch for those that we love by always bailing them out, and never allowing them to face the consequences of their actions. How can our loved ones come to learn accountability and responsibility if we continue to provide a license for them to do what they want to do, whenever they want to do it without any repercussions for their actions? We become just as guilty as they.

Why do we conspire to cover up lies and believe that we can outwit God? Or, act as though we know better than God? God knows our hearts. He knows all that we do and say. He knows our thoughts before we think them. Yet, many of us have knowingly lied and covered up sins and wrong doings for those that we love, believing that we are only being loyal. What? Loyal to sin? Loyal to cover up a life that is not pleasing to God? Helping those to continue to live a life of lies, and acting as though everything will be all right?

It is time to break the crutches. God is holding us accountable for our actions and inaction. God is not idly sitting upon His throne and watching us, winking at our iniquities. He is not moved by our devotion to our loved one's sinful behavior. He is not pleased by the excuses we make for them. Yet, He is holding us accountable, and their blood is on our hands. How can we know the truth and not live it or teach the truth? How can we say we love God and love our family, and not allow God to do what needs to be done in their lives? We cannot continue to make excuses, or become an excuse, or continue to bail out our loved ones and expect them to become who God has ordained for them to be.

If we love those the way we say we love them, then we must be willing to let them fall and get back up on their own. We must be willing to let them walk their walk on their own. To learn and to grow and to come to God for themselves. There is only one Savior, and His name is Jesus Christ. Tough love is often allowing those we love and care for to come to the realization that only God can deliver them and save them from the course their life has taken. Not mother, not father, not wife, not husband, not a child, sibling or friend. Do not be the crutch that eventually brings death—spiritually and physically—to the ones that you say you love. Let God be God. Let them fall and allow God to pick them up.

I decree that the spirit of peace and of prosperity has found permanent rest in your lives, spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, and financially. Trust your loved ones to God. Place them on the altar and allow God do for them, what He has done for you. Let Jesus become their Savior and Deliverer. Move out of God's way, and see what the Father will do when you have complete faith in Him. You are Blessed. Now go...and Be a Blessing, by allowing God to be God!

©2013. Ruthe McDonald. All Rights Reserved.