Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Enough Already!

All of this whining and bickering, and picking on—enough already! Jeez!

I was reading on the newest feud between View host, Rosie O'Donnell, and Mr.Bill O'Reilly! Come can't say you did not see this one coming?

For whatever Ms. O'Donnell's issues are; she is indeed entitled to her view points. But, I must ask the question: Does she need to be so belligerent? Really? Don't get me wrong; I actually like Ms. O'Donnell—at times—however, lately she has just rubbed me the wrong way, coming off as a bully!

I actually understand where she is coming from; but I also understand Mr. O'Reilly's point of view as well. When you have the capacity to reach so many people and make an impact—we must be careful of what we say, and how we say it. We may say something jokingly, and it be taken seriously, or out of context. We do have a responsibility.

We indeed have a responsibility to the nation in which we are living; which affords us the liberty to be so profoundly vocal. However, with these liberties come responsibilities. Responsibility in what we are saying and why.

Power is a dangerous drug. Once we realize that we have it; for some it causes them to be more empathetic; for others it unleashes a mind-set that is devastatingly dangerous.

What happens when we began to speak against our nation? As a whole, it tears us apart. Separating us; giving room for the enemy to get in—and divide and conquer. Whether we realize it or not; we are being watched. Our actions; what we are saying; what we are suggesting; what we are complaining about.

My point of view comes from a foundation that is rooted in the belief of God. That I serve a Creator, that has placed in me the freedom to choose what, and who I want to follow. He's such an awesome God, that He gave me the freedom to choose if I want to serve Him or the Devil. You may not agree; but that's your prerogative, or your freedom to choose to believe that. I'm not mad at you. But, I know what I know for myself, because of an intimate relationship with my Father (God).

Because of my relationship, I have come to realize that it is against His will that I blatantly disrespect the Leader of this nation; whether I believe, agree, or even like him. That's not the point. The point is: he won the office. He was voted in, and I can't change that fact. But, what I can do is show respect to the office—even if I disagree. I can disagree with his choices; how he runs this country; how he even looks! Yet, I will not disrespect him, by calling him out his name and making fun of him. But I also know, I have the freedom to make a change—through my voting, and my voice. Not to stir up anger, or insight a riot; but to ignite positive change through my voice; perhaps my writing, and encourage others in my sphere of influence to do the same. Especially during this election season.

You see, what many of us may not realize is that, the world is watching us. They are watching how we treat our leaders. They are watching to see how we treat one another. They are watching to see how the Leaders that be treat its constituents. (Hurricane Katrina was an eye-opener to the world about America). This is a major problem for many other nations: how America shows disregard for those in authority, and those in lack. When these nations see this; they are appalled, and become highly agitated when we come into their country and try to change things. Or try to Americanize their youth—their future. They don't want our values. They don't want our morals. They don't want our influence—our money...yes.

My point is this: If we cannot even show solidarity in our own Nation; how can we expect to change somewhere else? How can we expect to stop a war—that has gone on for far too long—if we cannot even stop fighting amongst ourselves? Really. Is it it more important to be right, or be united, and put an end to this atrocity? Enough Already!


My Point Of View!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fool...Ha!

Are you a fan of Jokes? In my family, April Fool's Day is a no-holds-bar day! No one is safe—not even Grandmas!

My Uncles were crazy jokers! They got my Grandmother each and every time. I remember this one time they got my Grandmother so good; that she whipped their behind, but good. (I guess the joke was on them, huh?)

My Grandmother always advised her children that sex was for marriage. That, engaging in a sexual relationship is for mature folks. And, she definitely did not want no young girls coming to her house saying they were pregnant.

They (Uncles) came up with a crazy joke: tell my Grandmother that one of them got a girl pregnant. They were fifteen and seventeen at the time. Well, they proceeded to tell my grandmother this lie—she was none to thrilled. She screamed; she hollared; she tried to choke him. She asked him if he was crazy.

Not only did he say that the girl was pregnant; but that she had the baby already, and was downstairs waiting to come in, because her parents kicked her out. Now, I won't repeat what my Grandmother said—*$#*&#*—and the like! My younger uncle went down stairs to get the girl.

My Grandmother tried to compose herself—afterall, this was her grandchild, right? The girl came in holding the "baby" in her arms, wrapped in a white receiving blanket. My grandmother asked her to come show her the baby. She asked what it was. The girl said it was a girl. My Grandmother said, let me see who she favors.

By this time, my Uncles were starting to lose it. They were trying to stifle their laughter. When the girl placed the "baby" in my Grandmother's arms, she stood back. My Grandmother lifted the blanket up, and said: "What the—"!

My Uncles and that girl started howling with laughter. One of my Uncles fell to the floor, holding his sides. My grandmother was cussing, and called them every name she could think of. Inside the blanket was a baby chimp!

I was just a little girl when this happened; but I knew it was funny! My grandmother chased my Uncles around the house with a belt. I laughed so hard, I nearly peed my pants!