Thursday, February 15, 2007

All Snowed In...

How was your Love Day? For those of us in the North East, we were hit with some pretty wicked weather! It was long over due.

Here, in Pennsylvania, we were a little spoiled by the lack of winter, and not too mention the seventy degree weather we experienced in December! Talk about crazy! But alas, we got hit. I just hope this is was the first and last of it.

You want to know where I hurt? My back...from trying to dig out from under all this snow. :)
One minute there was nothing, and the next, my back-yard looks like a winter wonder land. Down the street from me, there were countless teenagers with snowboards, merrily sliding down this fourty foot street; Which now resembles a mountain slope at some ski resort!

The weather report said 20 inches, but my back says, three feet! The more I dig, the more snow there seems to be. But, I can bet you one thing: I won't be digging tomorrow. Can someone say, "Snow Blower"!

Good Luck Digging Out!


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Love Day!

Another Valentine's day is upon us. How is your day going so far? Mine's? Forget about it! It's not that thrilling. However, I can say, the two feet of snow outside my door is a hoot!

I knew it was coming! This is the first real snow we've had this winter. Hopefully it will be the last. At least it's not nine feet of snow! Could you imagine? Yikes!

Anywho! I hope you're taking the opportunity to say I love you to someone today. Even though we should be doing this everyday. But, I encourage you, to think about someone you may know, that hasn't been having such a wonderful time of it lately. Think of someone who you might know, who might not have heard those special words in a while...and tell them, I love you. Every one needs to hear that. Do you know of any children that need a special hug? How about some elderly person? They're out there. So, let's do something a little different today. Instead of expecting a gift...YOU become the gift. Give someone the gift of you.

Perhaps you are saying, you need to hear those words yourself. Well, here you go: I LOVE YOU! Just the way you are! Now look in the mirror, and repeat: I Love You! Now, was that so hard? If it was, keep repeating it until it becomes easier. And, it will. Trust me.

Happy Love Day! God Loves You Best!


Friday, February 09, 2007

So Much Pain...

It is really heart breaking to see so many people in so much pain and grief. Suffering within their souls; crying out for help, and not receiving it.

I was sadden by the death of Anna Nicole Smith. No, I did not know her personally. However, I know many like her.

In my opinion--and I really don't care what anyone says--not even her own mother: It was a broken heart that killed her. It was plain to see, for anyone with a heart and a sense of compassion, to see that Ms. Smith was clearly grieving. I do not care what she sounded like, or what she appeared to look like, or the way she may have slurred her words. That was a woman--a mother--in some serious pain.

People over look the effects that losing a love one can have on someone. Some people are able to grieve and move on. For some, it never goes away. The loss, the pain, the grief. Leaving in your heart, a hole that is not easily filled. Ask any parent that has lost a child- another child does not, and cannot replace the life of the one lost.

My heart went out to her, as well as my prayers each time I saw her. Because, I recognized the deep, searing pain that she was in. Her heart was broken, and I believe it just gave up the fight.

The constant barrage of questioning, and the endless jabs of accusations were appearantly too overwhelming. As someone watching from afar, I empathized with her hurting soul.

For those who truly knew her best, and loved her best; they know the treasure that they have lost. And, I offer to them my deepest and sincerest condolences in their time of great mourning.

Perhaps you know someone that is grieving. Or, someone that is in great pain. Take a moment to put aside judgement, and offer a pair of open arms, and ears to listen; while keeping in mind, that words do have the power to heal, as they do kill.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Filled With Pride

I take pride in my heritage. Although it is vast, I take pride in who I am, and where I come from.

It is Black history month. And, we shouldn't wait to celebrate our heritage just once a year. Every day should be a celebration. A celebration of life. By living life to the fullest, and being thankful for the opportunities that our fore-fathers and mothers afforded us, through their blood, sweat, tears, and very life; Each day should be a celebration in our souls, our spirits, that we get another day to achieve greatness.

What is your greatness? Greatness, to me, is not necessarily defined by what we do, but by how we do what we do, and what for. A person may never be recognized for the things they do in life. Some may never say thank you. But, I want to say thank you.

Oftentimes, we over-look those that spend their lives, cleaning up after us, taking care of us in so many ways, that we do not see their "greatness".

One's greatness lies within their ability to do what they do, with joy and self satisfaction. It is to do what you do to the glory of God, and not to man.

I couldn't be the woman I am today, if it wasn't for the greatness of my fore-fathers and mothers. Those that were Kings and Queens, that became slaves. Those slaves that were beaten, ripped from their families, humiliated and denegrated, but still somehow, found the courage to push through. To those who worked meanial jobs, scrimped and saved, and provided for their families. For those that taught us how to pray, to have faith, and believe that God is a promise keeper of His Word.

To those, that fought the fight for equality. On the front lines, and behind the scenes. To those that lost their life fighting the good fight, and never giving up on treasured dreams. To those who passed the torched, and ignited the fuse to keep living for God, and to never give up. Knowing that one day, your reality was once your ancestor's dream. To all of them I say thank you, for their greatness, and shaping who I am.

Be Blessed, and embrace your Greatness.