Sunday, October 15, 2017


Reflections4Life October 15, 2017
“For I am convinced [and continue to be convinced—beyond any doubt] that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present and threatening, nor things to come, nor powers,  nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, will be able to separate us from the [unlimited] love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8:338-39
Scripture Contemplation: Joshua 15; Proverbs 25; Matthew 16; 2 Timothy 1; 1 Corinthians 15

Be Determined to Go All the Way. Whatever God has promised to bring forth in your life comes with a price…for the flesh. The flesh truly does war against the spirit and the enemy would like nothing more than to not only to destroy us, but to also make us give up, walk away, and stop believing in God Almighty; separating us from God not solely on the earth but for all eternity. That is his way of destroying us. Walking in Christ is not for the weak or faint of heart, who do not like confrontations or get their hands dirty. Nope. It takes a determined heart, mind, and soul, and one who truly believes in what God has spoken to their heart and soul not to surrender to the lies of the enemy.
I decree that this week’s Reflections will be a continued source of encouragement and inspiration for your heart, mind, and soul. Put the whole armor of God on, Beloved. For it is essential in your walk with the Lord. Allow God to show you His strategic plans for your life; how to overcome the attacks of the enemy. There is nothing, God will not do for you but you have to listen and have developed your intimate relationship with the Father to know His truths, His heart, and His plans for your life and how to defeat the enemy.
Beloved, please understand this today; I am not trying to be harsh or mean but to be stern in love and what is burning in my heart today concerning the promises of God for our lives. It is not about judgment but about what God desires to do in our lives, and the systematic plot and plan of the enemy to destroy us, by first attacking our minds and getting us to believe that we are not strong enough for this walk in Christ or strong enough against him.
The devil is a lie! We are strong enough. We are capable of overcoming the attacks of the enemy. We do not have to worry about defeating the enemy, either. Because the truth is (and the enemy knows this and wants us to forget) that the enemy has already been defeated when Christ died on the Cross, whooped the enemy’s tail, defeated death and the grave, rising on the third day, and giving us the power and authority to destroy the enemy and his plot and plan against our lives. (Matthew 16:19, Luke 10:19, Revelation 1:18)
There is nothing the enemy wants more is for us to forget that he has already lost and everything he is doing to come at us, is a strategic mental game to get us to give up. He wants us to walk away from the promises and protection of God so that he can pounce on us, destroy our lives and dreams and have us blame God, turning our belief into unbelief and our determination to see, pursue, and accomplish the promises of God in our lives, turn into bitterness, unbelief, and self-hate.
NOT TODAY, SATAN! I am calling the enemy’s bluff today! I am uncovering the truth, revealing his plot and plan against the children of God and encouraging every one of you today, tomorrow, and every day after, to stand your ground against the devil! Be strong and courageous! Be determined to go the distance. Put on the armor of God, suit up in prayer, and keep your mind stayed on Christ and go after what God says is yours! NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES!
God has already equipped us with everything we need to succeed. The keys to success, to seeing the promises of God fulfilled in our life, are not a secret. They are 1. Believing in what God has spoken to us, 2. Making up our mind and heart to do what God instructs, 3. Putting on the whole armor of God, 4. Consistent in Prayer and Meditation, 5. Declaring and decreeing what God says about us to the atmosphere, 6. Have faith at least the size of a mustard seed, and 7. Be determined never to give up but to keep pushing forward no matter how many times the enemy tries to stop you. Oh! Bonus, 8. If you fall, get the heck back up and try again!
Greater and stronger is God in us than the enemy that is in the world. The enemy wants us to look at the world and get scared, disappointed, and lose hope. But, if you have been diligent and disciplined in your relationship with the Heavenly Father, you will not see the world the way the world sees it or what the enemy says it is. No. You will see the biggest seedtime and harvest time of your life! For those who believe, this is your harvest time; to reap all that God has promised and ordained for your life while planting new seeds of hope and inspiration for others to harvest. If you know anything about farming, you do not take up the harvest without planting new seeds.
Beloveds, I am telling you now: we are in one of the greatest harvest and seedtimes ever! It is time to see the manifestation of long-awaited prayers and promises and time to plant seeds of love, inspiration, encouragement, and faith. But it won’t be without a spirit of determination.
We must have a spirit of determination. Because if there is one thing the enemy can do very well, is lie, manipulate, and cause confusion while putting forth a bunch of illusions. He is not above playing dirty and using fear, manipulation, and guilt to get what he wants. There has to be a determination to stay the course and to make certain we are maintaining an intimate walk with the Father, following all that He instructs us to do. We cannot give the enemy any room. If we do, he will wreak havoc and have us believe that God abandoned us in our time of need. When in fact, God is telling us, it’s only a test that we can and will pass if we faint not and continue to believe what He has spoken to our hearts.
My Beloveds, may the spirit of peace and prosperity finds permanent rest in your lives. I decree that every good thing that God has ordained for your life will become evident to you. Let your heart be filled with determination. Know that God is a promise keeper and has equipped each of us with a spirit of strength and courage to make it through all adversities and afflictions. We know this because He is in us. Where the spirit of the Lord resides, there is strength, healing, power, grace, and a never-ending abundance of love and mercy. Do not be fooled of letting go of the promises of God, but be determined, like Joshua and Caleb, to see the promises of God be fulfilled in your life and those you love! You are blessed. Now go…and be a blessing!
©2017. Ruthe McDonald. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

"Look Again...The Rain is Coming"

Reflections4Life October 8, 2017
“Look Again…The Rain is Coming.”
“The seventh time the servant reported, “A cloud as small as a man’s hand is rising from the sea.” So Elijah said, “Go and tell Ahab, ‘Hitch up your chariot and go down before the rain stops you.’” 1 Kings 18:44
Scripture Contemplation: Deuteronomy 28; 1 Kings 17; 18; Matthew 6; James 5…

©Ruthe McDonald.
I don’t know about you but I hear the rain coming. I hear the rain of abundance; the rain of restoration, the rain of health, and the rain of promises and blessings manifested. Though at first glance things may appear the same, I encourage you to look again. The rain is coming, the rain of God’s blessings and promises.
I decree that this week’s Reflections is a continued source of encouragement and inspiration for your heart, mind, and soul. If you have not already, I encourage you to set aside some intimate time for you and the heavenly Father. We have entered a new season spiritually and physically. God has much He wants you prepared for but you have to be in His presence; spent quality and intimate time with Him for You to hear and see what God is about to do. God is showing up in a big way, Beloveds. Be prepared.
I am certain, considering the fact that so many of us have witnessed and some personally have experienced the devastation of the past couple of months of several hurricanes; the last thing you want to think about or perhaps see is more rain. Yet, the rain that is coming now is a spiritual downpour that will alleviate the drought that many have been experiencing in their lives. Whether it has been a physical drought, an emotional and mental drought, a spiritual or financial drought; the rain—spiritual rain—is coming to alleviate the pain and discomfort of the years of drought that we have suffered in our lives.
Many have suffered many things in their lives—myself included—that has left us feeling parched and dry. It has felt as nothing in our lives is growing and that what we need has been sparse. There seems to never be enough and just when it looks like we are about to get relief, it is swept away and our wait for relief continues.
There has been a spiritual and physical drought and famine. It has claimed many a person’s faith; has stolen peace, joy, hope, and happiness. It has even robbed many of love. Droughts and famines are devastating. Blowing plumes of dust and dryness into every area of our lives until we barely recognize who we are or the dreams we once had.
Difficult times arise, and our faith is brittle at best. We feel older than we are, as though we have aged years overnight. The fear of never having enough or reaching our goals has taken up residence in many hearts. Visions have been lost and let go of, as some have given up and cannot see any light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.
There are some not even aware they have been in a drought, they are in a famine. They are not even aware they have been operating in yesterday’s anointing, under yesterday’s mercies and grace. “Yesterday” is referring to any amount of time in the past. The ones who have surrounded themselves with yes people, and who debunk anything that will contradict them and their words. These are the ones that have robbed and caused pain for many others; especially the children of God. They do not even realize that their time is up or that the lies they have spoken and the truth of their hearts are about to be revealed just as King Ahab and Jezebel and their false prophets were in 1 Kings 18.
For those that have believed, though it has been difficult and painful, and may have suffered great loss, and may be getting ready to give up at this very hour, God is telling us today, Beloved, to look again! Look in your heart, your spirit; there is rain coming; a powerful downpour that will alleviate the sting that the drought and famine have caused. Dreams and visions are being rebirthed; given new life.
If you have stood by the Lord’s side, held onto faith—though you may have stumbled or fallen a few times—you are about to see the fruit of your obedience and faith. There is relief coming. No matter what it looks like. No matter if it appears the same on the outside and the bill collectors keep calling; your bank account keeps being an overdraft, your utilities keep getting shut off; you haven’t had more than enough in years—there is an abundance of rain coming that is alleviating the pressure. It is bringing new life and strength and reversing the damages left by the drought and famine in our lives.
God is restoring, Beloveds, so look again! Hear with your spiritual ears, see with your spiritual eyes, receive the word of God in your heart, and stand on your faith. That rain is coming and your life will not be the same—in a good way! God is renewing and making new. He is restoring hope, faith, and joy. So go on and look again! Even if it has to be seven times or seventy-seven, until you, too, see that fist of a cloud in the sky and hear the sound of rain coming.
My Beloveds, may the spirit of peace and prosperity finds permanent rest in your lives. I decree that every good thing that God has ordained for your life will become evident to you. Your turnaround season is here! God is sending the rains that are ushering in a new life, new hope, new joy, new opportunities. Relief is here for those who have been devastated by drought and famine. The season of manifestations is upon us and God is showing up and letting us know that He is still King on His throne and in our lives. You are blessed. Now go…and be a blessing!

©2017. Ruthe McDonald. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, October 01, 2017

"Resurrected Dreams and Visions"

Reflections4Life October 1, 2017
“Resurrected Dreams and Visions”
“For as many as are the promises of God, in Christ, they are [all answered] “Yes.” So through Him we say our “Amen” to the glory of God.” 2 Corinthians 1:20 AMP
Scripture Contemplation: Numbers 11:34;19; Genesis 15; Joshua 21:45; Psalm 12:6; John 16
 ©Ruthe McDonald.

I declare that this week’s Reflections is a continued source of encouragement and inspiration for heart, mind, and soul. God is doing a great thing. Dreams and visions that you believed were long gone, forgotten about, and dead—God is resurrecting. Allow this week to find you get into a position and posture of prayer, receiving what God has ordained for your life. Get ready because God is moving mightily!
Know in your hearts Beloveds that as long as you have breath in your body, God is granting you another opportunity to walk in His blessings for your life. However, it is up to you to believe it, receive it, and walk in it. Yes, you may be going through some things right now that are dictating the opposite. God is moving and you do not want to miss what He is doing because you allow fear, anger, doubt, unbelief, and the lies of the enemy to keep you from seeing and receiving all that God says is yours…on this earth.
When we were children, we often had fantastical dreams and visions. So much, that many wanted to be one thing and by the following week, wanted to be something else. Our imaginations took us on flights of fancy that stirred our creativity and imagination. It stirred up in different ways, making us feel invincible and that anything was possible, and there was no way we would not be all that we dared to believe and dream.
There was not much if anything that we feared or wouldn't try unless we were taught to be afraid, told we could not, or discouraged on a consistent basis, lacking any kind of support or encouragement to dream and reach for the stars; having seeds of faith planted in our young hearts and minds. All children should be encouraged and their dreams validated, no matter how inconsequential, far-out, or unattainable it may seem to an adult. Far too many of us had our dreams and visions killed before we ever had the chance to really even develop an imagination or figure out who we are and what we may or may not be good at.
 Allow me to say this to all parents and anyone with influence over children: encourage them. Encourage their imagination. Ignite their creativity and inspire them to dream. Do not kill the seeds of vision and creativity because you may have doubts or because of your disappointments in life. Do not put your burdens on children who haven’t even had the opportunity to fully dream or hope yet. Give them a fighting chance. If they fall, let them. There is a lesson for them to learn in getting up.
Not all of us had the kind of childhood that fostered our hopes, dreams, and imagination. I was privileged to have parents that encouraged me to fly, to dream, to soar. Constantly being told that I "would be" anything I desired. That I would live my dreams and have whatever my heart desired. My parents believed in my brothers and me.
Here is another truth: as awesome as my parents were, they could not stop life from happening. Certain things were not in their control, things that hurt me as a child, as a young girl, and then a young woman; even now as an adult. We are going to grow up and find out for ourselves that life is not always pretty and it is not always fair. Some dreams will be deferred, some hopes will be smothered, and some visions will be forgotten. Fear, doubt, anxiety, comparing ourselves to others, will become a part of our reality.
Beloveds, there is good news, however. God can and will restore and resurrect our dreams and visions. He will even give us bigger and greater dreams and visions; enlarging our territories. He will take our hurts, heartaches, disappointments, and pain, and turn them into our purpose, our passion, our wealth. All of what we have lost will be restored. All that the enemy has stolen will be given back. God will turn our tests into testimonies; grant us double for our shame. We just have to believe Him and follow His instructions, and not be afraid to dream again and do the work that is necessary to get what God says is ours.
We are in our harvest time right now! Yet, many think that because the harvest is here, that there is no longer any work that needs to be done. That, we can sit back, relax, and see things fall into place. No Beloved, the harvest means work. Perhaps, even more, work than the planting. Yet, do not be afraid or allow that to intimidate you because of this kind of work; working for our harvest is one of the greatest times of our lives. It is when we begin to see the manifestations of the blessings and promises of God in our lives, the fruit of our labor blossoming.
This is the season of miracles, the supernatural, turnarounds, and answered prayers. Do not be fooled by the current state of affairs of this world. For, we may be in this world, be we are not of this world, and the Father is preparing us to lead others to the truth about who Jesus is, and who He is and who we are in Him. God has ushered us into a season of resurrected dreams and visions. We have much to do and God wants us ready to walk in the fullness of His promises and His love without hesitation or procrastination.
My Beloveds, may the spirit of peace and prosperity finds permanent rest in your lives. I decree that every good thing that God has ordained for your life will become evident to you. Do not despise humble beginnings or talk yourself out of the blessings of God. Stay in a posture of prayer, and God will reveal to you all that you need in order to move forward in His promises and abundance. The Father loves you…just as you are. You are blessed and highly favored. Now go…and be a blessing!

©2017. Ruthe McDonald. All Rights Reserved.